RAPC COVID-19 Support

We at Region A Partnership for Children want to express our continued concern for the wellbeing of all of our friends and partners and your families as we all join together to weather the COVID-19 crisis.  We are grateful for the community support that will surely pull us all through.  Your health and safety are paramount to us today.

Today we are also asking you to think about the health and safety of children who are in peril because of increasing risk from the spreading virus.

Will you help protect young children, families, and teachers from the impact of the corona virus?  If you will make a gift of a donation today, you will help us provide critical protective resources for children and child care teachers so that children can be well cared for in safe environments.

While many children and families are staying home in isolation, working families need a safe and secure child care setting for their children. Health Care Workers and other Essential Workers rely on us to provide a resource for their children during this crisis so that they can continue to care for all of us. 

Will you donate whatever you can to help us provide resources to ensure the children of our communities stay safe and healthy?