STAND with Children, Families and Child Care!

Thank you for everything you do every day

Your generous support makes all the difference in helping us achieve our goals toward ensuring that every child achieves his or her potential.

 We all know that children, families, childcare programs and schools have struggled immensely with the intense challenges brought on by the COVID-19 Pandemic in the past two years.

 Families have had their lives upended by the Pandemic. These disruptions will have
continued effects on children’s development, families’ economic security, and the economy as a whole.

 North Carolina’s childcare providers face precarious financial positions because of
COVID-19, which also threatens parents’ access to affordable, high-quality

 Children and their families have undergone extensive and prolonged stress in the home
and in their early care settings, potentially resulting in long term health,
developmental and mental health concerns. We have already witnessed the
increasing behavioral challenges among young children in classrooms as they
cope with unusual and traumatic events.

 The Good News…

 We Are Building Resilience
for the Future of Children and Families!

They need us to be here for them now.

We can make a bright difference for the future of our


We are asking you, at this critical time, to…                                           

STAND with Children, Families and Child Care!


Invest in their future… Donate to Region A Partnership for Children at

When you donate to the Region A Partnership for Children
(RAPC) you are investing in safe and supportive environments, nurturing
relationships, and enriching early childhood experiences.

Your investment helps us provide support for all children to achieve their full

 Did you know…

Ø RAPC Smart Start funded Dolly Parton’s Imagination
Library distributed over 38,700 free books to children last year to encourage
them to learn the love of reading.

Ø More children received well child visits (over 5,800) at
their local pediatric practices and took home a book after each visit through
Reach Out and Read last year.

Ø RAPC staff and programs provided PPE, supplies and
COVID-19 support to 3,571 children and 745 professionals in childcare in the
region last year.

 With your help, this year, we will also expand:

·       Trauma informed positive parenting
training for caregivers with children who have more intensive challenges at
home and

·       Classroom training for childcare
professionals who care for children with behavioral challenges.


We STAND together with children by creating strong and resilient
communities that

surround their families with the support needed for
lifelong success.


Thank you for your commitment to children and support for our mission!


 Maggie Panther, Board Chair